Thursday, 18 February 2016


I'll be honest, I haven't really struggled at all since you were born. I've wanted to be a mum since I was in my early teens and you slotted into our life perfectly. I found looking after and caring for you easy and I rarely accept people's offers of help or a rest simply because I feel like I don't need to, and I still feel that way the large majority of the time. But today was hard.

You're ten weeks old and your two bottom teeth have decided that now is the best time to start making an appearance. 

For the first few weeks you were just a bit grumpier than usual which I kind of liked as you wanted to cuddle and fall asleep on me at every opportunity. Then we began being able to see the evil teeth in question just below the gum, not quite poking through yet but close enough to doing so that they were visible. We dosed you up on Calpol for a few days and things seemed to be settling down as first teeth can take a long time to come through and can erupt numerous times before breaking through properly. But then today happened. 

You cried like I've never seen you cry before and it broke my heart to see you in so much pain. All of the usual tricks we use to soothe you weren't doing the job and you were inconsolable. I felt like such a rubbish mum during that 60 minutes, Freya. In fact, I cried my eyes out while trying to cuddle you and calm you down because I hated not being able to make things better for you or take away the pain. 

You're probably reading this and laughing at how bloody soppy and emotional I'm being but one day, when you have your own babies, you'll understand what it's like to love someone more than anything else in the whole entire world and have to watch them in pain without being able to help.

Your daddy and I have ordered you a Gummee Glove which, so far, you absolutely love. I'm hoping you really take to it, mainly so I can do a review on here, haha!

I would do absolutely anything for you, Freya, and if I could do all this teething for you I totally would. I'd do it a thousand times over and worse if it meant that you would never feel any pain. I never knew I could love someone like this. 

All my love, 

Mummy x