Sunday, 10 April 2016


We moved into our home almost a year ago to the day and, if I'm really honest, we haven't made much effort to make it into a home. In fact, we still have a few boxes that we haven't even unpacked yet. When we first moved in I was in the midst of absolutely horrendous morning sickness (which actually turned out to be 9 Month Long, Any Time and Any Day sickness) and SPD was already starting to develop at only 10 weeks pregnant. I was exhausted, and with Lewis working full time, making our house a home just wasn't our top priority. Like any new parents-to-be we made sure the nursery was complete before baby's arrival, although she's still in our room at 18 weeks and won't be in her own room for a while so who know's why we did it in that order, but that was it really.
Since Freya was born I've been desperate to make our house more homely, especially since this will be our home for a good few more years and I want Freya to have memories of a nice, cosy home. Not just a house with some beds and a sofa.

Unfortunately we can't do too much chopping and changing as we rent our house so we have to work our new decor around the existing wallpaper in each room. Although we are planning on redecorating every room in the house, we have decided to start with our living room as this is the room people see the most of when they come to visit.

At the moment we have a small corner sofa that struggles to seat more than two people comfortably and we hate it. Someone always gets the comfy corner seat (admittedly it is usually me) and the cushion stuffing is all misshapen and uncomfy. We were planning on sticking with it for another year or so since it's only a year old, but then we found a mix-and-match living room suite in the DFS sale which was too good of a bargain for us to pass up.

We have chosen to furnish our living room with the Revive range from DFS. We have ordered a 3 seater sofa, a 2 seater sofa bed (which will really come in handy when my family comes to visit from Dover), a swivel chair and a storage foot stool. Our living room wall paper is mostly teal and brown so we chose to have our furniture in 'Chocolate' so that not only will it match the wallpaper but it will also hide sticky marks when Freya is old enough to start crawling all over it.

 Like I mentoned earlier, our wallpaper heavily features teal, so when looking for scatter cushions for the sofas I went down the teal/light blue path. I usually buy all of of my cushion covers from H&M as they're cheap enough for me not to feel bad if I want to replace them fairly often, and they always bring out lovely seasonal designs. I'll only show you three covers I am planning on buying because how many blue cushion covers can you look at without getting bored senseless?

These covers are also available in various other colours so you will be able to match them to most colour schemes. 

I've never had a coffee table. In our first home we had an open plan Living Room/Diner so just used our dining table as a coffee table since it was so close to the sofa. This time we've decided to buy one but we weren't so keen on the prices of a lot of coffee tables - £200 for a COFFEE TABLE?! You must be mad. We've scoured the internet looking for a cheaper alternative and think we've finally settled on one. I'm not sure why we don't want to splash the cash on a table, it just seems like such a lot of money that could be spent on our daughter instead. 

We've found this coffee table from Homebase which I'm almost certain is the one we will order once our sofas have arrived.

Rugs have been a bit of a sore point when it comes to planning our new living room. There are so few nice rugs available that feature both teal and brown, but I managed to spy one that I quite like from IKEA. I know it wont be to everyone's taste but I think it will tie the whole room together nicely and fit perfectly under our coffee table. 
That's pretty much it for our redecorating plans so far. We have a bookshelf which we need to find some bits and bobs for but I think that's all. Ooh, one more thing actually. I saw this doorstop on the TKMAXX website and couldn't resist. Just look how cute it is!

Thanks for reading,

Grace x

*Photography courtesy of brands mentioned*