I'm Grace, a 21 year old mum to a beautiful baby girl called Freya, who was born in December 2015.

 I live in Greater Manchester now, after moving away from my family in Kent so I could live with my husband, Lewis. I'm a bit of a bath bomb addict (LUSH rehab anyone?), I could eat cheese (or chocolate actually) for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you gave me the chance and crocodiles are my favourite animals, don't ask me why though, I'm not sure if I know myself. 

This blog mostly follows our life as a family and my experience of being a young mum, but will also feature toddler fashion, all things Slimming World and general lifestyle posts. I'm far from the perfect mother, but I desperately want to create something for Freya to look back on in years to come and be able to see that, even when I got it spectacularly wrong, I was doing my best as her mama and I was always putting her best interests before my own. I also live with Bipolar Disorder and anxiety which may feature on here from time to time. 

I love writing this blog and I hope you decide to stick around!