Thursday, 20 October 2016


Well. It's been a long time, hasn't it? 

Hello again everyone (if there is anyone still here!), how are you all? 

I've been okay, I suppose. A bit muddled and topsy-turvy but okay. 

Some of you may remember that when I published my last post, my boyfriend had just come home from his second stay in hospital this year, and if truth be told, I really struggled to slot back in to family life. Of course I was happy to have Lewis home, I love him with every single part of me. But I had definitely gotten into the swing of being a 'single parent'. I was the one who was meeting every single one of Freya'a needs, and I suppose I just got a bit too comfortable being like that. 

When Lewis first came home I struggled to release some of that responsibility back to him and I found myself still doing the majority of need-meeting, despite Lewis being able and actually wanting to do his fair share. I would still be putting Freya to bed, changing all of her nappies and making all of her meals. Now you may be thinking that this sounds wonderful for Lewis, but for a man who had just spent another week in hospital and who had desperately missed his daughter, it was a bit bleak. 

Acting like a single parent left me with no time to myself. I wasn't having baths until 10pm at night most days so where I was supposed to find the time for blogging I have no idea! I have missed it, though. And I'm kicking myself that I've missed Freya's 9 and 10 month updates. She now has five teeth (and a sixth trying to come through), can stand unaided for up to 10/15 seconds and has even started trying to take her first steps. We also had Freya christened on the 9th of October (I will more than likely still do a post on this as we have some lovely photos).I harbour a lot of guilt over not documenting the last couple of months, but life just got in the way. And in 15 years time I can only apologise to her for that. 

So that's where I've been. Trying to get my family back to the way it should be, and I hope you'll all be pleased to hear that I think we've got there! Lewis and I are talking about our wedding and trying to plan Freya's first birthday, alongside trying to figure out how we're ever going to be able to afford Christmas again when Freya's birthday is three weeks before! 

I hope you've all been well and you can forgive me for this little two month hiatus. 

I think I'm back now. 

Thanks for reading, 

Grace x