Thursday, 10 November 2016


Dear Freya, 

I'm so sorry I missed a few months out of these updates, baby. We've had a really hard year in regards to your daddy being in and out of hospital and it just stopped me in my tracks last time, but hopefully he's out of good now and I should be able to keep up on these now! 



We last had you weighed at 8 months (naughty, I know) and you weighed a huge 23lbs 7oz which put you on the 98th percentile at the time. I'm sure you've hit two stone by now, but you certainly don't look 'fat' because you're so bloody tall! You're about the size of a two year old. Everyone you meet is always shocked at how young you are compared to how old you look, but one thing they also say is how much of a bonny baby you are. And boy, are they right. 



You went into size 12-18 month clothing at 10 months old and you are still very comfortably wearing that size. Most clothing stores are still a bit big for you but 9-12 is far too small, so you've gone back to having dangly legs in your sleepsuits and rolled up sleeves as outfit staples. You are still wearing size 4 nappies, but we have changed to 4+ just for the extra absorbency for overnight. 



You're eating hasn't really changed much since your last update. You are still having three meals a day plus a snack, and you are drinking water like a trooper now. For a while you weren't keen but now that you've dropped a few bottles you love your water. You drink about 10-15oz of water per day and two 8oz bottles of cows milk per day; one in the morning and one at bedtime. Your favourite food is definitely cheese but you are partial to a good piece of fruit too. I've lost count of the amount of times I've found you sitting quietly on your own, chomping down on a whole pear. 


Daily Routine:

We are still letting you set your day but you have settled into a fairly regular routine now. You will wake anywhere between 05.30 and 08.30 depending on how you've slept (don't even get me started on your sleep, just sort it out please pal) and will generally have a nap 3-4 hours after waking. You have dropped down to one nap a day so you're usually awake from 1pm - bedtime at 8pm. We still don't go to any regular groups or classes but we do make sure to get out a few times a week.



• You now have a grand total of SIX teeth! And three of them have come through in the last month! You have 2 top teeth and 4 bottom teeth and let me tell you, they're pretty sharp!

• At the time of your last update you were still commando crawling and had just started pulling yourself up to standing. And now? You are a master crawler (getting quite speedy when you want to), you can stand completely by yourself for a couple of minutes and you can walk!!!!! Yay!!! You are only taking 3-4 unaided steps at a time right now but it's still absolutely amazing to watch. 


• You are saying so many words now, Freya. Mama, Dada, Baba, Grandad, Kelly, Hiya, Bye Bye, Cat, Car, Dog and Ta. It's so lovely watching you learn how to communicate with us and get your needs across more easily. Your daddy keeps trying to make you say 'poo' but I'm hoping you carry on ignoring him for a while! 

• You became a big cousin this month! Your Auntie Kelly gave birth to little baby Jake on the 25th of October and as much as you love saying hello to him and stroking (read: scratching) his head, you much prefer having shouting matches with him whenever he's crying which isn't the most relaxing of noises!


• For a long time you were happy eating with your hands, but recently you have started passing me your fork and spoon to load up with food and pass back to you, so you're able to feed yourself properly. I love watching you learn new things like this, it just amazes me every single time. 

You have filled this month with such joy and wonder, Freya. Your birthday is fast approaching us now (24 days and counting!) and I can't wait to celebrate having you in our lives for a whole year. 

All my love, 

Mummy x