Sunday, 11 December 2016


Once Freya had turned one we decided to take the jump and switch from a big, traditional changing bag to a much smaller toddler backpack, and I must say it's been a very welcomed change! It was such a pain carrying our huge changing bag around, especially since it was too big to fit in the basket of Freya's stroller (Cosatto Supa Go in Happy Camper) so it was always bashing about on the handles and we didn't even use the majority of things in it! 
Since this was quite a big change for us I thought I'd share the items we now take out and about with us whenever we leave the house. I try to always make sure the backpack is ready to go so there's no faffing at the last minute, but the two things I do pop into the bag every day are a free flowing beaker of water and a snack for Freya. 

I'll start with the little pocket on the front of the bag, shall I? This pocket has seemingly become my medicine compartment. I always carry a box of calpol, a tube of bonjela and a little tub of snufflebabe (best invention ever) just in case we need it while we're away from home. There is also a bottle of antibiotics in there at the moment as Freya is recovering from a nasty chest infection but the label on the bottle shared details of our address and GP surgery etc so I haven't photographed it for obvious reasons.

Now on to the main compartment. Firstly, and arguably most importantly, is bum-changing paraphernalia. We are huge fans of the Tesco Loves Baby range, as you can probably tell from the photo, and we buy our nappies, wipes and nappy cream from it. I always try and use fragrance free on Freya's little tush just in case she has a reaction to anything. I also love these nappy bags from Wilko purely because of the nifty little container they come in. I'd never seen them like this before! No more rummaging around looking for loose nappy bags for me! 

Now this thing is a bit of a weird one. Freya doesn't usually wear any shoes unless we're going to the park or some other outdoor activity where it's likely she'll want to get out and walk, but I've taken to keeping her very special Christmas Day shoes in her bag just so they're safe and always in one place. Obviously once Christmas is over she'll be able to wear these again but I'm trying to keep them special until then, and obviously (again) she has another pair of shoes to wear while these ones are in hiding. Speaking of shoes, I would really recommend finding a Clarks Outlet store if you like your babies wearing proper fitted shoes - we recently bought Freya two pairs of soft soled shoes, including her Christmas Day ones, for £15.99!!!!!

Next up is a spare outfit for Freya. Obviously she isn't anywhere near being potty trained yet so we still have to take a spare outfit in case of nappy leakage or even worse, the dreaded poonami. I tend to pack her spare outfit right at the bottom of her backpack and leave it there unless she needs it when we're out. I also try to replace it on the same day if it does get used, just to make sure we don't get caught short one day because I've forgotten to pack another outfit!

Lastly we have Freya's Red Book. I take this absolutely everywhere with us just in case we ever need it if *God forbid* something ever happens to her. The changing bag seems the most sensible place to keep it as we're never without it which means we're never without the red book. 

And that's everything! I can't believe how much I've managed to squeeze into that tiny bag, although it is definitely fit to burst now! 

When did you make the swap to a smaller changing bag? Or are you sticking with an old faithful that you've used since your baby was a newborn? 

Thanks for reading, 

Grace x