Monday, 15 February 2016


Most of Freya's 3-6 month wardrobe had been bought and stored away before she was even born, but I sorted through it all and took an inventory last weekend and found I needed to stock up on a few basics. I love Primark and H&M for baby basics - I begrudge paying a lot of money for an item of clothing that she will grow out of in a number of weeks - and both of these shops offer incredibly good value for money. 

I actually ended up spending more than I had planned, and I definitely didn't stick to my shopping list of vests, socks and tights, so I thought it would be nice to do a blog post showing you all the things I picked out for Freya. 

I'll start with the boring basics that I actually went out for!

I picked up one pack of 7 long sleeved vests and one pack of 7 short sleeved vests. I didn't realise I'd bought long sleeved ones until I got home, I usually stick to short sleeved as I hate the way long sleeved ones bunch up under the sleeves of tshirts or jumpers. 

£7 each.
I moved onto tights and socks next and somehow ended up with NINE pairs of tights??? She already has some stored away as well so who knows how many pairs she has now, haha! I'm one of those mums who hates character clothing (she only has character clothing from other people, her daddy and I have never bought any) and Freya will never ever wear a tshirt emblazoned with Peppa Pig or Elsa, so I like to be a have a bit more fun when it comes to her tights. I did buy a 3 pack of plain cream tights to go with her occasion dresses but the two other packs I bought are much more exciting. 

I love the little faces on the feet of these tights. Freya doesn't wear shoes very often, only if we're going out and I need to keep her little toes warm so I love that she, and everyone else, will be able to see her feet looking extra cute. 

The next pack I popped in my basket just because I couldn't resist. I'm a sucker for navy and white together so they came home with us! Plus the powder blue pair will go amazingly with a cardigan we picked up in H&M. 

Socks were right at the top of my shopping list as she didn't have a single pair in the next size up. Zero. Nada. ZILCH. Again, Primark are amazing for things like socks when you have a baby who grows at the speed of light. 

£2.50 per pack of 5
Once we'd finished finding the essentials I couldn't resist having a sneaky look at some non-essentials. Primark stock some really pretty little girls clothes and while it might be difficult to find the right size (for us anyway!) I personally think it's worth stocking up on bigger sizes if needs be! 

The first thing I found and absolutely fell in love with is this pink polka dot tshirt that says 'Daddy's Little Princess'. I'm not usually one for in-your-face tshirts but since daddy was with us and was kindly paying for everything, I couldn't resist. And she's such a big daddy's girl how could I resist?!
I was also on the look out for a plain pair of soft bottomed sneakers or trainers for her. She has so many pretty, girly shoes and I just wanted something I could stick on with a pair of leggings and she'd be ready to rock and roll. Unfortunately the word 'plain' doesn't seem to be on Primark's radar but we did spot these adorable polka dot sneakers that are so cute I can hardly bear it.

Tshirt £3.00, Sneakers £7.00
Lastly in Primark I picked up a pale pink cardigan ('cos you can never have enough cardigans in winter for your babies) and a pair of plain jeggings (again, in my humble opinion you can never have enough of these!). 

Jeggings £2.50, Cardigan £4.50
H&M was the next stop as I could only find one cardigan in Primark and I wanted to get at least one more. I found an amazing sky blue cardigan that I had to buy and Lewis also found a pretty damn cool pink bomber jacket for when it's too cold to not wear any kind of jacket but too warm for a full on winter coat. 
Cardigan £5,99, Jacket £9.99

And that's it for this haul! I don't really need to buy any more 3-6 clothing but I'm sure there'll be a few bits and bobs I can't stay away from over the coming months so maybe I'll do another haul soon.

Thanks for reading,

Grace x