Monday, 25 April 2016


I'm the first to admit that I'm not the tidiest person alive. Far from it, in fact. Our house definitely does not look how we want it to and we still have a few boxes scattered around the house (mainly taking up space in our bedroom) that we haven't unpacked since moving in last year. As soon as we found out we were expecting a baby though, I knew I wanted to have at least one room in our tiny house to be perfect and exactly how we wanted it. Freya's nursery, to be exact.
Freya's bedroom is the smallest room in the house by miles. It's 100% a box room and we didn't have much space to play with when we were picking furniture and deciding on a theme. In the end we haven't really got a theme in her bedroom. There is definitely two or three colours that bring the whole bedroom together but no theme in the sense of jungles or fairies. For us this works as it hopefully means the room will grow with Freya, and we won't need to redecorate every time she discovers a new character obsession. 

  See what I mean? Tiny! Changing Table from Mothercare.

There's also barely any storage in our whole house so some bits still look a bit messy as we've had to cram so much in, take the cupboard in the back corner of Freya's room for example! To be honest, storage is the main way we use the changing table. I think I've used it for its intended purpose maybe once or twice since Freya was born, so we just use it to house our wicker baskets that are full of bed linen/muslins/bibs/hats/anything else we couldn't find a proper home for. 

     Chest of Drawers from George

I love, love, love this little corner of Freya's room. I used to think it looked quite bare until we hung the canvas of her that one of Lewis' sisters gave us for Christmas. As I mentioned before, Freya's room is tiny and a great big wardrobe just wasn't an option for us, so we use a four drawer chest of drawers for Freya's clothes. On the left is Freya's memory box which I have done a separate post about here if you're interested in the contents. The trinket box and Guess How Much I Love You set of mini books were gifts and the rest of the books we bought ourselves from The Works. I remember picking them out so clearly. I was heavily pregnant and I just wanted to make my baby girl's bedroom perfect for her. and books were one of the finishing touches. As were the Fawn and Rabbit book ends which are from H&M.

I deliberately chose more 'grown up' wall art for Freya's room, mainly because for at least the firstyear of her life she isn't going to pay much attention to it and I wanted something nice to look at, haha. But also because I really do want the room to grow with her, I don't want to have to be buying new wall stickers or canvases every time she likes a new cartoon or CBeebies programme. I also tried to find wall art that had a lot of pink, green and yellow running through it as they are the main colours on Freya's bedding. I'm not totally happy with the layout of her wall art but as it's only placed with washi tape (the downsides of renting) I can easily have a play around and rearrange things when I have a spare few minutes. The plush Deer head is from H&M - I'm a sucker for H&M homeware if you hadn't already guessed. 

Cot Bed from Mothercare.

When decorating Freya's room we bought a Bed-In-A-Bag set from Mothercare. We chose the Butterfly Fields bedding, simply because it was the one we liked most out of the given options. We almost went with a nautical theme for Freya's bedroom but decided it looked too boyish. I'm a big supporter of being gender neutral, and Freya actually wears a lot of clothing from the boys sections of shops, but I just wanted her bedroom to be pink and girly and pretty. 

Lastly we just have a small wicker basket next to the changing table full of toys and teddies that Freya has either never seen before or not seen for a while. I like to rotate her toys so she doesn't get bored of them, so we tend to fill this basket up with toys other people buy her and swap them around every 1-2 weeks.

I know it's not the biggest room in the world and I know the decor won't be to everyone's taste, but we love it. We worked so hard to get it ready for our baby girl and she absolutely loves spending time in there. Even if she does get scared by the Deer head occasionally.

Thanks for reading, 

Grace x