Tuesday, 28 June 2016


With newborn babies on the brain at the moment (thanks for growing up and not needing me as much anymore, Freya), I thought I'd write about some of my absolute favourite baby names that we probably won't use if we ever have more babies. 


5) Hendrix
I've loved the name Hendrix for a while, but I've always been put off by the possibility people will think we've named our baby after Jimi Hendrix so I think we'll steer clear of using this one. 

4) Hunter
Hunter has always been a definite contender for me until it started to become a really popular name and now it's a definite no go. 

3) Kit
Yes, this is definitely inspired by Kit Harrington (although I'm actually not a fan of Game of Thrones!) and the main reason I probably won't use it is because I imagine it will become a very, very popular name in the next few years.

2) Ezra
Now I'm not ashamed to admit that I fell in love with this name while binge watching Pretty Little Liars while I was pregnant. Not only is it an absolutely beautiful name but Ezra happens to be one of my favourite characters from the show, too. Again, Ezra is becoming an increasingly popular name and that's why we more than likely won't be using it.

1) Rafferty 
I SIMPLY CANNOT EXPRESS MY LOVE FOR THIS NAME. I NEED TO WRITE IN CAPITALS TO TRY AND GET THIS POINT ACROSS. I ABSOLUTELY FLIPPING LOVE IT. However, our babies will all have Lewis' surname and Rafferty Wroe is a bit of a tongue twister. 


5) Teddy
I always used to love the idea of having a daughter named Theodora, or Teddy for short, but I now have a baby brother called Theodore so it's off the cards for us!

4) Birdie
I think Birdie is such a lovely, pretty name but all I picture these days is the character Birdie from Eastenders!

3) Primrose
Primrose is another name I absolutely love but won't be using because of how it sounds with Lewis' surname. Screw you, Wroe. 

2) Ember
I love the name Ember mainly because of the meaning behind it; a small piece of burning or glowing coal or wood in a dying fire. I know it may sound a bit morbid, but when my depression really had a hold on me, a dying fire is exactly how I would describe myself as being. I just love the idea that my baby would be the small glowing piece of coal or wood that's keeping me alive. 

1) Winter
Ahhhhhh this name is absolutely perfect in my eyes. It just sounds so pretty and somehow classic despite it not being a traditional name. I think it's probably clear that I'm a fan of more unique or unusual names, and I think this is just a teeny tiny bit out of Lewis' comfort zone. 

Thanks for reading,

Grace x