Monday, 13 June 2016


Dear Freya, 

I feel like I say something similar with each update but this month really has been the best yet. You've been so much fun and I feel like I've finally been able to soak up all of you this month. I can't believe we're already closer to your first birthday than the day you were born. You still feel so brand spanking new that it's almost unbelievable that in another six months time you'll be one. Anyway, before I start rambling on about how emotional I am at the thought of you growing up, let's get on with your update.
22 Weeks Old
I'm sorry baby but I haven't had you weighed in a long time! I'm pretty sure last time you were weighed you were 17lb something (maybe 9oz?) but that was way before even your five month update! Our health visitor has been off sick for a good chunk of the last month and a half so that's why you haven't been weighed. I'm confident you're still gaining weight though so I'm not too fussed. 

You're still wearing mostly 6-9 months but everything's starting to get a bit snug so it won't be long before you're in 9-12 months stuff. It's that super cute little pot belly of yours taking up all the room! 

22 Weeks Old
Weaning is going really well for us now. Do I still call it weaning? Or are you fully weaned and just eating now? Who knows, but you are now eating three meals a day plus a pudding after your evening meal with some finger food-y snacks during the day if you need them. 

I'm not ashamed to admit that you are fully fed from jars and pouches. I tried to make my own mush for you but because the smoothness wasn't as consistent as jarred food, I don't think you were as keen. I love using the Ella's Kitchen pouches but we also use Heinz, Cow & Gate and most recently the Aldi jars of baby food. 

24 Weeks Old
For breakfast you usually have a 70g pouch of fruit, or the equivalent of porridge with some fruit purée mixed through. For lunch you have a 70g vegetable pouch. Peas are your number one but carrots are definitely a firm favourite too. Dinner time tends to be your favourite meal of the day - probably because you've realised you get something sweet afterwards! Dinner is always a 120g/125g jar of meat and veg depending on what brand we use that day. You'll then have half a jar of pudding,  apple crumble has been your fave so far, and I'm a little bit embarrassed to say mummy enjoyed it so much she shared the whole thing with you, haha! 

You still have four to five 5oz bottles during the day and at least 5oz overnight. 

24 Weeks Old
Our daily routine is still very much led by you. We get up when you wake up, you go for naps at different times every day depending on when you need them and the activities we do are very much based on your mood that day. We sometimes go to a baby stay and play on Thursdays but that's the only group or activity we do weekly. 

Usually, though, you have your first nap two hours after you've woken up, with your second nap being three hours after that and then you tend to have a 30-49 minute catnap at around 6pm. 

25 Weeks Old
Your bedtime is a bit up in the air at the moment. You teased us with two nights of sleeping 9pm-4am which is amazing for you so we're trying to find the perfect combination of bedtime rituals that will lead to those golden 7 hours. At the moment you are going to bed at 8pm with the goal of being asleep by 8.30. You still tend to feed at around 1am and 5am before waking for the day at 7.30-8. 

24 Weeks Old
• Your laughter is infectious these days. You're still very reserved with your giggles, and you don't find much funny (unless it involves Thomas, that boy could skin a live cat right in front of your eyes and you'd still be laughing your head off) but when you do give in a belly laugh it's the most joyous noise ever. 
25 Weeks Old
• You've finally mastered rolling from front to back! You've been rolling back to front for a while but were struggling to work out how to roll back. You're a pro at it now though, Freya. I can't leave you anywhere now without fear of you rolling halfway to China. 
25 Weeks Old
• You've started trying to crawl! At the moment you're at that stage where you know you have to move your arms and legs but you can't coordinate yourself enough to do it at the same time, so most of the time you're just laying on your tummy looking like you're trying to swim. But it's super cute none the less, and I'm sure it won't be long before you're crawling everywhere and giving mummy an anxiety attack every time you move. 
26 Weeks Old

• You now reach out for people when you want to go to them. This, coupled with the fact you've started giving kisses is definitely the cutest thing ever. Yes, your kisses are always sloppy (why do babies kiss with their mouth open?!) and sometimes you get confused and start chomping on a chin but mostly it's really lovely and I'm so glad that, so far, you're a super cuddly and affectionate baby.

Exactly 6 Months Old

That's it for this month, Freya. You seem to have developed a new nickname this month. Doodles. Or just Doodle. Even Tom has started calling you Doodle and nine times out of ten you respond to it, so it looks like it's here to stay. I hope next month is as lovely as the last.

All my love, 

Mummy x