Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Dear Freya, 

Well, this month has been difficult. Don't get me wrong, I've loved you and this month as much as ever but it has been hard work. You've been learning so many new, amazing things but you've also reached the age where you can suddenly realise I've walked away from you and I'm not there anymore, which has led to a lot of clingy behaviour. I don't want to sound like a Debbie Downer because I'm really, really not, but this month has definitely been the hardest yet.

26 Weeks Old
You were last weighed on the 16th of June and you weighed a whopping (sorry) 20lbs 1oz! You've jumped back up to the 90th centile again but no one's concerned about it, we're all pretty sure that as soon as you start crawling properly and moving around you'll probably lose a little bit of weight and level off chart wise. 

27 Weeks Old
You are still mostly in 6-9 months clothing but definitely edging closer and closer to the 9-12 months. In cheaper shops like Primark which can have funny sizing you're definitely 9-12 but in stores that are maybe a tad more generous with their sizing, you're a comfortable 6-9. 

27 Weeks Old
We've had a bit of a weird one this month with your weaning. We've had an almost total overhaul of our food choices for you and have made a massive step towards full time baby led weaning. You seem to enjoy feeding yourself so much more and I love watching you learning how to pick pieces of food up and learning how to chew. Plus, it means daddy and I get to eat in peace so that's a definite bonus! 

28 Weeks Old
You're still eating three meals a day plus a pudding, and we're mainly using jars and pouches only for when we go out somewhere and it's easier/cleaner for us to spoon feed you. I will be writing another weaning update in the next week or so all about the new path we've chosen.

28 Weeks Old
Your daily routine isn't any different to last month's, really. We are still 100% baby led although we are starting to recognise a natural pattern in your routine so planning around nap times and feeding times etc is becoming easier. 

29 Weeks Old
You usually wake at around 7am and will have your first nap around 1.5-2 hours after waking. You only take a small feed once you're awake, sometimes as little as 1-2oz, and will have breakfast at around 9am. Your first nap tends to last around 2 hours and your second nap will be 3-4 hours after waking from your first. 

29 Weeks Old
Lunch is always around 12.30pm and dinner is anywhere between 5.30-6.30 depending on how much milk you've had so far that day. We don't have a feeding schedule as such, we tend to just let you graze as and when you want to. Some may think this is a bad idea but it works for us. 

30 Weeks Old
Your bedtime routine is one that we are particularly good at now. Between 7.15-7.30 I change your nappy for the last time that day and dress you in your pjs before your daddy takes you up to bed at 7.30pm. You tend to have a feed in your bed and will fall asleep to a lullaby and without a fuss most nights. You have dropped one night feed but still wake between 2-3am for a top up which neither of us mind. 

30 Weeks Old
• Crawling! How are you old enough to be crawling?! You started off commando crawling backwards at 28 weeks old but in the last few days have started crawling forwards (technically a few days after turning 7 months old but I'm counting it anyway!). 

30 Weeks Old
• Your babbling has come on leaps and bounds this month, Freya! We now get baba, dada, gaga, hiya, car and what sounds like cat. I can't believe you can say so many things already. I know you have no idea what you're saying but I think you might grow up having a love of words, just like your mummy. Speaking of mummy, are you planning on saying mama any time soon?!

7 Months Old
• You've suddenly become so much more sociable this month. You used to absolutely hate being around a lot of people and being passed from person to person always ended up in a meltdown, but now you actively reach out for different people once you've had enough of someone! Bit harsh if you ask me, Freya..haha! 

That's it for this month, you little monkey. Please make this month a little bit easier. 

All my love, 

Mummy x