Thursday, 24 March 2016


I love Easter. For me it symbolises the fact that Spring is really here. There's teeny tiny baby Lambs prancing around the place and there's pastel colours everywhere you look. And let's not forget the abundance of chocolate that appears this time of year. I'm not a religious person at all and I admit that freely, so although I acknowledge the real reason behind Easter, we like to view Easter as an excuse to get the whole family together and eat far more food than we really should.
With this being Freya's first Easter I really wanted to do something to remember it by, but with limited funds (a new washing machine and living room suite don't come cheap you know) we couldn't afford to do anything extravagant, so I thought I'd have a bash at doing a DIY photo shoot with cute outfits and some mega cheap props. 

Prop wise I just popped into Poundworld and bought some pastel coloured plastic eggs, some slightly bigger patterned eggs and two pairs of bunny ears - one grey and one white. 

And for Freya's outfits I used a hand-me-down Baby Ted Baker romper that is covered in bright, Spring colours and I also picked up an Easter themed set in H&M which I will link below. I'm saving the vest and sleepsuit for Easter Sunday so we just used the top and trousers for the shoot. 

5 Piece Jersey Set

Now I'm far from a professional photographer, nor do I know anything about composition, background or the rule of threes (is that even a thing or have I made it up?), but I do know my baby girl looks absolutely adorable in these photos and I think it's the perfect way to remember her first Easter without costing us the Earth! 

I'd advise you to prepare for an influx of super cute but probably baby unnecessary photos now. 

They're not the best quality, I know, but for a spontaneous iPhone jobby I don't think they're too bad!

Thanks for reading, 

Grace x

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