Monday, 4 April 2016


Dear Freya, 

You are officially 4 months old! How did those four months go so quickly?! The last four months of my pregnancy felt like they took forever but your life just seems to be flying by. 

I thought I'd try and organise these updates into sections from now on rather than one long ramble, just to make it more easily readable really. But also so that in 15 years time if you're only interested in how much you weighed each month you can find it super easily. 
13 Weeks Old

Last time you were weighed (17 days ago) you were a huge 14lb 15oz so you must be way into the 15's by now! The important bit though, is that you're following your growth line nicely and still sitting on the 75th centile. Height wise you have dropped from the 95th to the 91st centile but you are definitely still a long baby, coming in at ever so slightly over 25 inches. 
13 Weeks Old

You are wearing the majority of your 3-6 months wardrobe comfortably, although certain bits are a bit short/tight and others are still too long and baggy. You are still wearing size 3 nappies, too. 
14 Weeks Old

You are still exclusively drinking (eating?) formula and we have no plans to wean you any time soon as I'm really trying to stick to the guidelines on weaning, just so I can do the least damage to your little digestive system. At the moment you are drinking 4-5oz every 3-4 hours during the day and finish 2-3 bottles during the night. You don't take full feeds overnight though, so 2 bottles can easily turn into 4 wake ups. 
14 Weeks Old

We still don't have a set routine for your days, we are very baby led and just act on your cues when you give them to us. The only pattern we do follow is 'Eat, Play, Sleep'. Your day definitely revolves around that sequence but we have no set times for anything you do. We do have a slightly more structured bed time routine which I will explain in a minute. 

Nap wise you've stopped sleeping for 2-3 hours every time and now nap for a maximum of 40 minutes, which is making keeping on top of the housework far from easy! I'm trying to get you to nap in your cot or moses basket but you sleep so much longer if you're sleeping on your mama, so I'm having a bit of an internal conflict with your naps at the moment. If anyone has any tips I'd be very very grateful! 
15 Weeks Old

Over the last week or two we've started trying to loosely implement a bed time routine. I use the word 'loosely' as your bedtime can easily be 30 minutes earlier or later depending on how much sleep you've had during the day or whether it's bath night or not. 

On a bath night our routine tends to start at around 8pm when we bathe you. We've managed to get you to start taking baths on your own rather than with me which is lovely because it means daddy can get involved rather than having to watch from afar because there's already two people squashed into the tub. 

You usually stay in the bath for about 20 minutes and then have some nappy free time on the bed (with a changing mat underneath, we're not lunatics) while I get everything else ready for bed time. 
16 Weeks Old
I've started covering you in baby lotion before you sleep and I've noticed a huge difference in your skin so I think we'll be sticking to that for the foreseeable future. After lotion you are put in your pjs and sleeping bag before one last feed if you need it and being put down in your bed. 

Most days we leave you to fall asleep on your own with Brahms Lullaby playing in the background. Obviously if you are upset or unsettled we will calm you but if you're okay we like to leave you on your own so you learn how to fall asleep by yourself and know that it's okay for mummy and daddy not to be with you 24/7. 

This is all usually complete by 9pm, though most days we try and have you in bed and us watching you on the monitor downstairs by 8.30pm. 
17 Weeks Old

• You've learnt how to roll over this month! You rolled from back to front first which I'm told is unusual, but you also rolled front to back the first time we laid you on your tummy afterwards so I think you've just managed to do them both at the same time. 

• We've moved you out of the carry cot section of your pram this month. You had gotten too long for it and not being able to look around was beginning to frustrate you. This is working much better for us, I can still have you fully reclined if you fall asleep but I can also tilt you forwards enough so you are able to take everything in if you're awake. 
17 Weeks Old
• You've also learnt that you can make your voice louder so the cute goo-ing and gah-ing has been replaced with mega loud, almost banshee like, screaming. You're still adorable though, even if you do hurt my ears a little bit occasionally. 

• Sitting up more. You can't sit up by yourself yet, but you have started to hate being cradled in someone's arms and constantly want to be sat up, be it be on someone's lap or propped up with cushions in the corner of a sofa. You've also started trying to pull yourself up using your surroundings, which is hilarious when you're caught in the act. I don't think it will be long before you're sitting up unaided. 

• You've come on leaps and bounds this month with picking things up. You used to only grasp something if someone placed it in your hand but now you purposely reach out for things and pick them up to play with yourself. The only problem with that is anything and everything you pick up will make its way into your mouth at some point, so I've had to grow eyes in the back of my head a little earlier than expected! 

• You've started making noise when you find something funny, not proper belly laughs yet but definitely letting us know when something tickles you. 

• You love swimming. We've taken you twice this month, once on your own and once with Thomas, and both time's you've absolutely loved it...even if getting dressed afterwards does cause a bit of a meltdown. 

That pesky tooth that's been giving you grief since around 8 weeks STILL hasn't made an appearance so we're still dosing you up on calpol every now and again when you need it. 

I think that's it for this month, sausage. Your fourth month has been an absolute pleasure and I hope next month is just as much fun, if not better.

All my love, 

Mummy x